why is your skin so good

How This Comedian Gets Her Skin So Good

Photo by Glenn Lovrich.

Do you ever see someone on Instagram and think “Why is your skin so good?” We do, so we started asking. Welcome to Why Is Your Skin So Good, a series.

Lauren Servideo is one of the funniest people on Instagram. Her feed is a menagerie of short comedy sketches in which she impersonates different characters she’s made up, or people she saw in line at Dunkin’ Donuts. Instagram has clearly taken notice: She recently started working as a curator on the platform’s Community Lab team.

“I worked at Clinique in college and went through several intense skin-care boot camps with them,” Servideo says. “I feel like they set the foundation for everything I know about skin care! They are very clinical (Clinique people have to wear these fake white lab coats like we’re doctors/dermatologists) and while I understand the appeal of using more natural products, I personally am not afraid to use skin care that is made and tested in a lab.”

That said, her number-one tip for Instagram-worthy skin? “Get a Lumee case!” Read on for the rest of her skin-care routine.

The Cleanser

“I use this in the morning after I’ve just woken up. It’s the GOAT [Greatest of All Time].”

The Exfoliators

“I do this experiment where I try this on one side of my face, and the Glossier Solution on the other.”

Photo: Courtesy of Glossier

“I use this on the other side of my face. And then I let it dry completely!”

The Face Oil

“I love to head to the Trader Joe’s spa and get this jojoba oil. I just use the warmth of my hands to press it into my cheeks.”

The Moisturizer


“I use this affordable tub, and I use a liberal amount all over my face.”

The Bronzer

“I use this sunless tanner, and then ta-da!”

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How This Comedian Gets Her Skin So Good