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After Evading Public for Weeks, Melania Trump Appears in Carmen Sandiego–Esque Outfit

Melania Trump.
Melania Trump. Photo: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

On Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to assure us all that his wife, Melania, is doing juuusst fiiiine, despite her conspicuous 26-day absence from public events. Of course, Trump also made sure to slam journalists’ coverage of her disappearance in his tweets. But later on Wednesday, Melania finally stepped out for her first official public appearance since her May hospitalization for a benign kidney issue … while wearing a very appropriate outfit.

Either clearly aware of the Carmen Sandiego narrative that had been following her absence, or maybe simply feeling a bit chilly, Melania attended a FEMA meeting with her husband’s cabinet wearing a long, beige trench coat. As you likely recall, the fictional character of Carmen Sandiego is never without a trench coat as well (although hers is red and she also wears a hat).

Hmmmm. Who knows what she was thinking with this outfit choice. But the “commander of cheese” did have some nice things to say about his wife during the FEMA briefing on the current hurricane season, which is always an opportune place for romance.

“Thank you, Melania. She’s doing great. She went through a little rough patch, but she’s doing great and we’re very proud of her,” the president said. “She’s done a fantastic job as First Lady. … The people of our country love you.” Glad to see she’s recovered from her “little problem.”

Melania Reappears in Carmen Sandiego–Esque Outfit