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Melania Leaves Controversial Jacket at Home on Second Trip to Detention Center

Melania Trump.
Melania Trump.

It looks like Melania Trump finally got the memo that it’s not advisable to show up to a detention center for vulnerable, unaccompanied immigrant children — some of whom were ripped from their parents’ arms by policies enacted by your own spouse’s administration — having worn a jacket that proclaims you “really don’t care” on the plane ride down.

On Thursday morning, the First Lady left her tasteless Zara jacket and stilettos at home and instead sported a simple black-and-white look on her second trip to a child detention center in Tucson, Arizona. Wearing a three-quarter-sleeve black shirt, white trousers with a black track stripe, and black flats (that she later swapped out for white sneakers), the First Lady’s sartorial choices aren’t likely to cause any major controversies this week.

Hervé Pierre — or someone else — must have gotten to Melania before she stepped out of the White House this morning.

Melania Trump Visits Immigrant Kids, Leaves Jacket at Home