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Every Single Tatcha Product Is on Sale

Beauty brand Tatcha has garnered a mass following for their gentle, yet effective and thoughtfully formulated products. They will definitely gain more fans this week because the brand is having its first-ever Summer Celebration Sale.

Aside from Sephora’s VIB Sale and Tatcha’s Friends and Family Sale in the fall, Tatcha products never go on sale. This is a good chance to scoop some up from now through June 10 when everything is 15 percent off.

There are several that are worth a try if you haven’t experienced them before. The Rice Enzyme Powder has a fan in her Royal Highness Meghan Markle, a TSA-friendly polishing (exfoliating) cleanser that transforms into foam when water is added and leaves skin clean but not stripped. The Water Cream is another Tatcha favorite of the Cut’s beauty section that feels like a light gel but with the moisturizing punch of a cream, making it a good summer face lotion.

If glowing is your main concern, the Water Cream is also casually made with 23-karat gold for subtle radiance, and Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Mist makes skin luminous (Strategist writer Rio Viera-Newton loves it too). It’s also a good time to check out some of their newest launches, including its Luminous Dewy sheet mask which combines the formulation of two of their best-selling product, along with the Silk Canvas primer which senior beauty editor Ashley Weatherford says made her into a primer believer.

To get in on the sale, just use code SUMMER18 at checkout.

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