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Adorable 84-Year-Old Learns to Do His Wife’s Makeup

My boyfriend does my makeup” is a whole category of YouTube videos among vloggers — generally for their ability to go comically awry. Very rarely does the male partner of a heterosexual couple get it right (at least, not on YouTube). However, a non-vlogger couple in Ireland has gotten it right and told their story to BBC.

Eighty-four-year-old Des learned from a makeup artist at Benefit how to do his wife Mona’s makeup. When Mona’s eyesight started deteriorating, Des took over doing her makeup so she could look and feel beautiful. His first teacher described him as a “natural.” Their story even caught the eye of the Kardashians’ makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, who invited them to attend his master class. When it comes to aesthetics, Des also said that he and Mona agree that “less is more.” Watch the heartwarming clip above.

Watch an 84-Year-Old Learn to Do His Wife’s Makeup