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3 Juicy High-School and College Reunion Stories

Take out those Crest White Strips and blow-dry your bangs, it’s reunion season! If you’ve ever watched a reunion show on Bravo! you know a reunion means anything can happen and scandal always ensues. Because, generally speaking, what happens in Reunionland stays in Reunionland. Here are three stories about high-school and college reunions that are a lot more salacious than white wine and small talk.

I Hooked Up With My High School’s Bad Boy

I was engaged to someone who, deep down, I didn’t really want to marry. I was in my late 20s and felt very conflicted about what I should be doing with my life and what I wanted to do with my life. We’d been together six years … and by now all I could think about was being with other men. Though I never acted on it, still not a good sign.

This urge came to a head at my ten-year high-school reunion — sort of an unofficial summertime thing my classmates organize every July. My high school’s “bad boy” was there, Brent (not his name but a name just like that) — he was the bad boy from a broken home with a good heart. We had made out in high school but never slept together, and I always lusted for him. By now, he had a local blue-collar job and I was a New York girl engaged to a corporate lawyer. Everything about Brent was hotter than my fiancé. The idea of cheating on my fiancé didn’t really bother me morally. It was something of a What Happens at High School Reunions Stays at High School Reunions. I intentionally didn’t invite my fiancé to come to the reunion because I kind of had a feeling I wanted to rebel there.

We were drinking a lot and flirting, Brent and I, and then it was time for the after-party. We went to someone’s parent’s house by the lake (same place we’d party as kids) and we just got wasted, everyone there was wasted. Somehow Brent and I ended up in the master bedroom and we started hooking up. I hadn’t kissed anyone else in six years! It felt completely magical. Like, mind-blowingly good to kiss someone new and be touched by new (better) hands. I imagine it felt like what doing heroin for the first time feels like. We had amazingly good sex that night, a few times. I felt no guilt. And I returned to New York with a smile on my face. I never told my fiancé, but I did call off our wedding a few months later. It clearly wasn’t right. This is awful but I heard Brent went to jail for throwing a TV at someone, not too long after our reunion. I’m not sure if that’s true, though. He’s not online.

I Think I Saw My Straight Husband Blowing Our Gay Friend

At my 20th college reunion, someone offered my husband and I edibles. We’re not pot smokers and we’re kind of nerdy, bookish squares. But we wanted to have fun … it was our first weekend away from our baby daughter, so we went for it. The reunion party was at a big old house in this little New England town. We got incredibly messed up.

I mean, I was crawling around and freaking out. And my husband was missing. The weird part was, I didn’t know if he was missing or if I was just so messed up that I thought he had vanished in some bad scary-movie kind of way. In a moment of clarity, I went into the coatroom area of this big house … because I thought I saw him in or around there. He was there with our close friend from college who’s now openly gay. I will never know for sure, but I think I saw my husband blowing him. I ran away because the whole thing just bugged me out so much I couldn’t handle it. I was really freaking out after that. I didn’t know what was real or not. I was seeing other weird things too, like a break-dancing dog (which I think was someone’s service pet). And the wine I was drinking kept morphing into Jell-O shots. In hindsight I think we were really drugged, not just super fucking high on edibles.

I walked back to our rental house nearby at one point. I texted my husband to meet me there. The next thing I knew, it was like 7 a.m. and I woke up at the rental house feeling like myself again. My husband was in bed next to me. As soon as he woke up, I confronted him about what I saw. He said it never happened. That he barely saw our friend, the gay guy, at all that night … and that he was there with his new husband anyway. I think my husband would tell me the truth. I’m pretty open with these things (I had a lesbian summer girlfriend once, like most liberal arts grads). I’ve sorta shelved the whole reunion night in the way back of my head. It’s been ten years and we have two more kids and a happy life, and if anyone were to blow a stranger it would probably be me, not my husband, anyway!

I Was Hoping for New Sexual Experiences

My reunion happened pretty recently. I’m a single, straight woman who attended an all-girls college with a huge population of lesbians. In college, I had a boyfriend at a neighboring school, so I was with him all the time. I hung out at his school much more than mine … so I never really got exposed to the lesbian culture at my school. I never even lived on campus because I rented a small apartment with my boyfriend right away. Now that I’m a single woman in Brooklyn, struggling to find a decent guy, I’ve thought about dating women. Opening up my options. What better way to test the waters than my college reunion with all the smart, sexy, amazing lesbians I graduated with?

Because of my work, though, the only reunion event I could make it to was this lantern-lit cocktail party under a big tent. I heard that was the one everyone was going to anyway. I drove in just in time, and unloaded all my stuff at a family member’s house right near there. I showered and shaved and felt giddy thinking about flirting with all the girls. I was nervous but it was good nervous energy. When I got to the tent, I suddenly felt very scared. Not only was I walking in all by myself, but I didn’t have any close friends meeting me there. It felt like the first day of college all over again. I went straight to the bar. Soon enough I saw people I knew and it became a little easier to socialize. Most people were paired off and there were a lot more straight married couples than I thought there’d be. The women who were blatantly queer didn’t seem too attractive to me (and based on no one hitting on me, I wasn’t too attractive to them).

I nursed one glass of wine and decided to leave early. It wasn’t the lesbian fuck-fest I’d fantasized about. It was just bored and boring adults making small talk. I went back to my cousin’s place and felt really lonely. Then I switched all my online dating apps to “bisexual.” This week I have a date with a woman — my first ever — lined up and I’m really excited. Maybe the reunion will lead to something special after all.

3 Juicy High-School and College Reunion Stories