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Andrew Cuomo Fails to Read the Room, Which Is Full of Women, to His Delight

Governor Andrew Cuomo.
Governor Andrew Cuomo.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo loves nothing more than an opportunity to play the “big tough Italian guy” — a tendency he took way too far when he decided to open a women’s event by, uh, appearing to flirt with the whole room.

The governor made the cringy opening remarks at a Brooklyn Women for Cuomo event, where he thanked the predominantly female audience not once, but six times after taking the stage but before failing to read the room.

“What a pleasure to be here, one of the few men in a room full of women,” Cuomo said, completely earnestly. “Could be worse, could be worse. Usually, it is worse.”

Being patronizing and downright creepy toward women — perhaps not the best way to win their vote!

Cuomo Says It’s a ‘Pleasure’ to Be In a ‘Room Full of Women’