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Interior Lives: Art Lovers Will Appreciate This Lichtenstein-Adorned Gallery–Home Hybrid

This Central Park South home qua gallery fuses its owners’ love of art and aversion to natural materials with a vision of forward-thinking material design and architecture, brought to life by interior designer Carl D’Aquino and architect Francine Monaco, of D’Aquino Monaco.

Overlooking Central Park from every room, the space had previously been two apartments — which had previously been six — and D’Aquino and Monaco exercised both restraint, to achieve a gallery aesthetic, and imaginative resourcefulness, to tackle the clients’ love for Lichtenstein’s “Drowning Girl,” among other works and artists.

See how, in this episode of Interior Lives, D’Aquino and Monaco pulled it all off, as our design editor, Wendy Goodman, tours the space and reveals why it’s so important to approach home design with a spirit of adventure.

Art Lovers Will Appreciate This Gallery–Home Hybrid