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The Best Beauty Buys for Amazon Prime Day

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It’s that time again for the holiday you give yourself: Amazon Prime Day. Starting right now, the site is going to be flooded with deals (here are some on home goods) specifically just for Prime members (or those with access to someone with a Prime password). In honor of this very special day, the Cut will continue updating you with beauty deals as they get uncovered, but here are just a few to get you started. Read on for a chance to stock up on the best hairspray and more.

One of our favorite eye patches of all time. They instantly make you (and your under-eye circles) look brighter and less tired.

These vibrantly colored lip pencils are packaged like a crayon box and even come with a coloring book.


It’s already inexpensive, but this cult-classic skin-care product is even cheaper now. It works just as well on babies and adults.

Amazon’s best-selling tinted brow gel is also available. Just check out the very intriguing before/after and the 11,000 four-star reviews.

If you’re an avid reader of Reddit’s Skin Care Addiction forums, you’ve heard of Cosrx, which is something like the Paula’s Choice of Korean Beauty. We already love the brand’s snail serum, pimples patches, and powerful acids, so we’re sure this lightweight moisturizer (a special Prime Day launch) is great, too.

Supergoop makes some of the best non-goopy sunscreen. This gives you SPF 50 coverage in an invisible mist.

Not only is this French drugstore makeup remover, which is beloved by Natalie Portman and Solange, on sale, but it can arrive at your doorstop tomorrow.

This might be the best deal of all: An electronic toothbrush that efficiently and speedily de-gunks your teeth. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are rumored to own them.

A special bundle of a soft pink liquid lipstick, mascara, and lip liner – all of which are vegan and opthamalogist-tested. This is another special Prime Day limited-edition offering.

Take it from Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness. A water pik will help you floss and make your teeth look brighter. Nearly 11,000 five-star Amazon reviews agree.

Want to get into double-cleansing? Start with this Japanese drugstore cleansing oil and its over 2,000 five-star reviews.

It comes with a fat, spiky brush that eliminates clumps and delivers on length. One time I was wearing this in a Sephora and a stranger actually stopped me to ask what mascara I was wearing.

These polishes are widely regarded as the way to go for best, no-chip manicure. Now you can stock up in a variety of shades including yellow, the trendiest color of summer.

Amazon reviewers love this drugstore mascara, praising it specifically for how well it does in the heat. One tube normally goes for $10, so you might as well get two.

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The Best Beauty Buys for Amazon Prime Day