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Living Her Most Luxurious Life, Cardi B Spent $64 at Waffle House

Recently, Cardi B and her husband, Offset, posted photos of the Lamborghinis they bought themselves to Instagram. Shortly after, internet trolls claimed that the new parents and chart-topping rappers had not actually purchased the cars, just leased them.

Cardi B didn’t take the comments lightly. To prove that she and Offset actually owned the cars, she posted screenshots (in a now deleted tweet) of her bank statement. And, just like she said, there was a transaction for the cost of two luxury cars withdrawn from her account on July 27.

That’s fine, and it’s great that Baby Kulture’s parents are driving around in brand-new Lamborghinis. But the more interesting transaction is from a day before, on July 26. It’s when, according to the Wells Fargo screenshot, Cardi B spent $64 at an Atlanta Waffle House.

That, in my mind, is more impressive than buying two Italian sports cars in the same afternoon. After spending several minutes looking at the menu at one of the Waffle Houses in Atlanta, it seems like it would take several hours, or several people, to consume $64 worth of Waffle House. Cardi B, what’s your waffle order?

How Did Cardi B Spend $64 at Waffle House?