Celebrating the Body As a Fashion Oddity

Photo: Marton Perlaki

Is it possible to change the narrative of fashion photography — to see the body not as a hypersexualized projection of desire, but an active force of aesthetic oddness? In Posturing, a new book by Self Publish Be Happy, 21 contemporary fashion photographers use the body in a variety of forms to create spreads that are modern, daring, and whimsically bizarre.

Posturing features interviews with set designers, fashion editors, and photographers like Zoë Ghertner and Charlie Engman, alongside their work for independent fashion magazines. Co-editors Shonagh Marshall, an independent London-based fashion curator, and Holly Hay, fashion director of Wallpaper, are holding a discussion and book signing tonight at Mast Books, beginning at 7. See below for some of Posturing’s striking photography.

Photo: Johnny Dufort
Photo: Charlie Engman
Photo: Charlotte Wales
Photo: Pascal Gambarte
Celebrating the Body As a Fashion Oddity