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Revlon’s New Mascara Has Its Own Music Video and Everything

Photo: Courtesy of Revlon

Last month, Revlon announced Mette Towley, star of N.E.R.D.’s “Lemon” music video and recipient of a Fenty buzz cut from RiRi herself, as the brand’s newest global ambassador and creative consultant. This morning, Towley’s first beauty campaign in support of the brand’s Volumazing Mascara dropped, and there’s a lot of dancing involved.

In the video, Towley teams up with classical ballet star David Hallberg, (a man who wears mascara!) to “live boldly” and “lash loudly,” as creatives who break barriers are wont to do. What does that look like in video form, though, one may ask. In this case, it’s Towley reciting uplifting affirmations over shots of the two dancers expertly applying the sweat-proof formula and performing their respective choreography to “Flava” by Princess Nokia — a song that truly lives boldly and lashes loudly if I’ve ever heard one.

It’s an inspiring mix of pop locking and pirouettes; body rolls and battements. It’s the 2018 Save the Last Dance montage redux we didn’t know we needed. A volumizing mascara in cute packaging that costs less than $10 and promises to stay put while I sweat through every outfit I own, however, is something I’ve known I needed since Memorial Day.

Check out the new video below:

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Revlon’s New Mascara Has Its Own Music Video and Everything