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Incels Spend Hours Telling Each Other What Plastic Surgeries to Get

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There exists a misogynistic group of men who self-identify as “incels.” Short for “involuntarily celibate,” this self-loathing cohort believes that they are entitled to sex, but that women deny them this right by instead sleeping with men who are conventionally attractive. Despite openly hating women, though, incels still want the opposite gender to find them handsome, which is why they’re reportedly flocking to forums to solicit self-improvement and beauty advice.

In general, the incel beauty ideal is relatively standard for men: They want strong jaws, large penises, and defined muscles. However, they’re also interested in some relatively obscure cosmetic procedures, such as “neck training,” nostril shrinking, and “3D-printed skull implants,” per a new report in HuffPost. To get advice regarding what exactly is worth their investment, incels discuss their insecurities with others of their kind on online forums like

According to Huffpost, one recent post on from someone discussing male attractiveness read as following: “Chin ideally should be square and broad in a male. A round chin is acceptable however not the most photogenic. A pointed chin is highly feminine and while not necessarily a sexual death sentence or even suspicious, would need to be redeemed by other masculine features.”

In a different post where a man solicited cosmetic procedure advice alongside two photos of himself, one user reportedly recommended investing in “orthognathic surgery if you can afford it,” and “chin implant or [genioplasty] if you can’t.” Before killing 77 people in Norway in 2011, infamous incel Anders Behring Breivik reportedly underwent surgery on his forehead, nose, and chin before the massacre.

While HuffPost cites a study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that shows a sharp increase in men’s interest in cosmetic surgery in the past ten years, there are other alarming factors that drive incels to undergo procedures. For example, incels often refer to themselves as “losers of the genetic lottery,” and their aesthetic desires are partially fueled by a desire to get revenge against women who “denied” them sex.

Plus, now that Reddit has banned the “Incel” group, these resentful men need a place to go commiserate.

Incels Are Obsessed With Male Plastic Surgery