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Jennifer Garner Is Having the Best Week Ever

Like her ex-husband Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner isn’t short on girl friends; among her squad is Ina Garten, with whom Garner has spent a lovely afternoon foraging in her garden, and that other celebrity chef, Martha Stewart.

Unlike you, Garner’s week is already off to a great start. She met up with Garten yesterday for a “soul satisfying” (and probably also stomach-satisfying) hangout, leaving the public to anxiously wonder what was on the menu. The two radiated that just-foraged-some-veggies-and-whipped-up-something-delicious glow.

But Garner didn’t stop there. This morning, she joined an old friend, Martha Stewart, for a Facebook live video, where it was revealed that Garner is now a farmer raising chickens and bees and the founder of cold-pressed organic baby food company Once Upon a Farm. Before the pair went live to start cooking two summertime dishes — a deep-dish peach pie with a puff pastry topping and a lobster or shrimp BLT — Martha complimented Garner’s “cute pants.” I like this bitch’s life.

Garner’s newfound outdoorsy persona fits nicely with her upcoming role on the HBO show Camping, written by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, about four couples who go camping together. Only time will tell how much better Jen’s week can possibly get, though nothing will compare to that time she listened to Hamilton while on laughing gas.

Jennifer Garner Is Having the Best Week Ever