I’m Sorry to Report That Jenny McCarthy Is Allegedly Being Haunted

Jenny McCarthy, haunting victim. Photo: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

It was only a matter of time. Author, radio host, and vaccination-skeptic Jenny McCarthy appears to be haunted by a ghost.

Earlier this week, McCarthy shared footage of her alleged specter in a video from her home’s Nest security camera. The clip shows McCarthy checking herself out in the living room mirror; then, after she walks out of the otherwise empty room, something starts pinging the keys on the Baby Grand piano. Whoa.

“Donnie?” McCarthy calls out to her husband, Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block, Wahlburgers, and also Mark Wahlberg’s family.

“Donnie!” she shouts again. “Someone just played the piano!”

“HAUNTED! Just happened in my house! I had to look at the security tape to prove it. Ahh!!” McCarthy captioned the video on Facebook.

What exactly is haunting McCarthy? According to the spirit classification on the website, it’s most likely some sort of poltergeist — which are said to have the ability to move or knock things over, make noise, and manipulate the physical environment” — as opposed to an “interactive personality,” which is usually the personality of someone deceased (and can “emit an odor like perfume or cigar smoke, etc.”), or an “orb,” which is an orb, and doesn’t really play any instruments.

Or maybe she’s just being haunted by the powerful desire to land a Nest spokesperson deal, we may never know.

It Seems Jenny McCarthy Is Being Haunted