Watch Kenzo’s Dreamy Reimagining of an Ancient Japanese Folktale

Kenzo designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are well aware that they are in charge of a global brand with a rich Japanese heritage. As a nod to the brand’s roots, last fall they staged a dramatic presentation for the spring 2018 collection. Featuring nine different Kagura troupes from the Hiroshima prefecture, the performance was the tale of an eight-headed and eight-tailed dragon that eats a young girl once a year. And now they’re back again with a short film that touches on the mythology of the kitsune or fox spirit — a story that has significance in both Japanese and Senegalese culture.

For the dreamy, 20-minute short-film Kenzo tapped musical artists Lafawndah and Midori Takada, marking the renowned Japanese percussionist’s first release in 20 years. The pair’s joint composition provides the haunting track of Le Renard Bleu, directed by Partel Oliva. The musical narrative coalesces with interpretive choreography, including an appearance by Los Angeles krump artist Qwenga as the eponymous fox, stalking the halls of an ancient Noh theater. The film showcases Kenzo’s La Collection Memento N°2 and spring/summer 2018 collections, coming full circle from their Kagura performance.

According to the brand’s representatives, the film was fueled by a desire to bring back tales of the past. The figure of the fox collapses generations, a figure apt for our uncertain times. An agent of chaos, the blue fox shakes the world up when it’s most needed. Click below to listen to the music and watch the full video above.

Watch Kenzo’s Dreamy Spin on an Ancient Japanese Folktale