LADbible Staff Shocked, Shocked, to Find Topless Dancer at Company Party

Photo: J.D.Dallet/Getty Images/arabianEye

LADbible is the wildly popular bro-content producer of all those “news” stories your aunts, uncles, and burn-out dudes from your high school share on Facebook 47 times a day. While their output previously included features like “Cleavage Thursday” and “Bumday Monday,” in 2015, the U.K. company began to rebrand itself by getting rid of those cleverly titled theme days and hiring a *gasp* female marketing director. But, in what the company says was a terrible, terrible misunderstanding, the bro-ey brand’s summer staff party last week included a “topless-except-for-nipple-covers performance,” Business Insider reports. Oh no!

According to the U.K. gossip newsletter Popbitch, at the company’s Arabian Nights–themed party in Manchester last Friday, a topless dancer began performing “to the shock of many of the women in attendance.” (No word on the lad’s reactions.)

“We were shocked that there was a performance by a burlesque dancer,” a LADbible spokesperson told Business Insider. “We were not aware this was going to happen, this absolutely isn’t something we had requested or approved, nor would we ever see this as appropriate for one of our events. We immediately spoke to many staff on the night to explain the situation and apologize for any offense caused, and followed up with an internal apology.”

According to a video on their Facebook page, which was made in collaboration with Smirnoff, being a “lad” is about “having a laugh,” “community,” “positivity,” “good times,” and “being inclusive.” But also maybe still “tits.”

LADbible Staff Shocked by Topless Dancer at Company Party