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Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and James Corden Are in the Cats Movie, Which Somehow Exists

Who will play Mr. Mistoffelees? Photo: Getty Images

It is mind-boggling enough that Tom Hooper, of that mostly tonsils adaptation of Les Mis, has decided to direct a Cats movie. More baffling is that somehow Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, James Corden, and Ian McKellen have all agreed to appear in it. That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter, following up a report from the Daily Mail’s Baz Bamigboye, who also claimed that Hudson will play Grizabella the glamour cat, a.k.a. the one who gets to sing “Memory.” For those who aren’t familiar, Cats is an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical about magical singing “Jellicle Cats,” which do as Jellicles do, which mostly means dance a lot and compete for a chance to get sent to the “Heaviside layer” and reincarnated (it was 1980s, no one really cared about plot). It’s not clear whether this will be a CGI-heavy film or whether the actors will dress in cat makeup, but we assume Taylor Swift is thrilled to finally become a cat either way. Filming is expected to start in the U.K. later this year. Everyone better take a lot of dance lessons beforehand.

Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson Are in the Cats Movie