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Travis Scott Doesn’t Know the Names of Kylie Jenner’s Dogs?!

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner. Photo: GQ

In a 12-minute video segment accompanying GQ’s enthusiastic profile of known parents Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott play a Dating Game–style game called “The Kylie Quiz.” Her favorite color is black; her toothbrush is pink. Yes, yes. But what are the names of her four dogs? Hm.

“What are my dogs’ names,” she asks. “Norman,” Travis says confidently. Yes, Norman is one of Kylie’s dogs. “Lady,” he says with the same amount of confidence. “LADY?” Lady is not one of Kylie’s dogs.

Photo: GQ

Ultimately, though Kylie gave him the hint “remember they’re all like normieee, they all have the ieeeeee,” Travis got one dog name out of four: Norman. The rest of the dogs are named Bambi, Rosy, and Harley — names that I, personally, will remember until death. “Got it,” Travis said, after missing three out of four of the names. “You didn’t get that right,” Kylie countered.

It’s true, he didn’t.

My advice to Kylie Jenner and to every person is: Please break up with the person you are seeing if they cannot quickly and lovingly recite each of these details about your dog:

• Name
• Age
• Date of birth
• Their favorite thing about the dog
• Their second-favorite thing about the dog
• Your favorite thing about the dog
• Your second-favorite thing about the dog
• Funniest thing the dog does
• Top five things the dog is afraid of
• Dog’s eating schedule
• Dog’s favorite treat (could be a trick question if the dog seems to like all treats equally)
• Breeds that go into the dog’s mix if the dog is a mixed-breed
• Top ten most-used nicknames for the dog
• What the dog would be like if the dog were a human (funny? serious?)
• Phone number of the dog’s vet
• Phone number of the nearest 24-hour animal-emergency room

Otherwise dump them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Travis Scott Doesn’t Know the Names of Kylie Jenner’s Dogs?!