Trump Says the U.S. and U.K.’s Relationship Is the ‘Highest Level of Special’

Theresa May and Donald Trump.
Theresa May and Donald Trump. Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

President Trump’s official U.K. visit has so far been marked by a) mass protests against him and b) a bonkers interview in the Sun in which he harshly criticized his host, British Prime Minister Theresa May. According to him, though, it’s going great! In fact, the U.S.’s relationship with the U.K. has never been more “highly special.”

“I would say, I give our relationship, in terms of grade, the highest level of special,” Trump said during a press conference, before elaborating on his rating system. “So we start off with special. I would give our relationship with the U.K. — and now, especially after these two days with your prime minister, I would say the highest level of special. Am I allowed to go higher than that? I’m not sure, but it’s the highest level of special.”

Once again — as when he called the leader of a nuclear power “Rocket Man” and told the French president’s wife that she’s in “such good shape” — Trump has exhibited a true mastery of the art of diplomacy.

Trump: U.S.–U.K. Relationship the ‘Highest Level of Special’