Please Enjoy This Heartwarming Video of a Waitress Body-Slamming a Man Who Groped Her

A still from the video.

The internet loves a good heartwarming video: a cat being raised by a group of huskies, otters holding hands, a waitress turning around and immediately body-slamming a man who grabbed her ass.

The latter happened the night of June 30 at Vinnie Van GoGo’s, a pizzeria in Savannah, Georgia. Footage of the incident shows a customer groping 21-year-old waitress Emelia Holden, who then shoved him into a wall and began to yell at him. The man, 31-year-old Ryan Cherwinski, was arrested and charged with sexual battery.

“I took someone’s order and I was getting ready to set them up and then I just felt it,” Holden told WMC-TV. “I was like, ‘nope that’s not going to happen’ and turned around and took the guy down.”

Watch for yourself:

Heartwarming: Waitress Body-Slams a Man Who Groped Her