Turns Out, It Is Possible to Find Love on an Airplane

Airplanes. Photo: Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

Here is the tale of two people who actually connected with the person they sat next to on an airplane. It starts with one brave woman, Rosey Blair, who wanted to switch seats in order to be closer to her boyfriend. She jokingly said to the woman she switched with that maybe her new seatmate would be the love of her life. And guess what? He just might be.

Before going any further, remember the last time you actually enjoyed speaking with the person next to you on an airplane. Probably never. Luckily, these two had the commonality of being (1) sexy and (2) physically fit.

They talked about fitness tips and slowly creeped closer together on the tiny armrest. Then they shared a cheese board while they looked at old family photos.

According to Rosey, she kept tapping his arm. Any flirting 101 article will tell you that that’s a good sign.

They left for the bathroom at the same time, then came back at the same time. Did they join the mile-high club? Or did they realize that someone was filming their every move and wanted some alone time?

Then their date got serious as they talked about what they want out of life and (more importantly) followed each other on Instagram.

They walked to baggage claim together, still chatting. Rosey and her boyfriend did some impressive sleuthing and found their Instagrams. They’re still following each other, are both single, and are based in the same city. Happy endings all around! Enjoy your holiday, everyone.

Turns Out, It’s Possible to Fall in Love on an Airplane