I Can’t Stop Watching This Woman Yell ‘I’m a Communist, You Idiot’ at Piers Morgan

Ash Sarkar.
Ash Sarkar.

Another day, another incident in which we’re forced to consider Piers Morgan. This time, the British television personality got into a heated debate with a guest on Good Morning Britain that produced an extremely satisfying two-second video clip I encourage you to play on loop.

Ash Sarkar, a leftist journalist and campaigner for the Stop Trump Coalition — which is protesting the President’s upcoming U.K. visit — was accused of not caring about Barack Obama’s history of widespread deportations. Though she admitted that she didn’t know the exact number of immigrants Obama deported, Sarkar repeatedly told Morgan that she wasn’t a fan of the former president either. Still, after nearly ten minutes of arguing, Morgan suggested she “go and check out some basic facts on your hero Obama.”

“He’s not my hero!” Sarkar shot back. “I’m a communist, you idiot!”

Watch it in all its glory, below:

Woman Yells ‘I’m a Communist, You Idiot’ at Piers Morgan