20 Characters Who Changed Their Lives With a Haircut


Who among us hasn’t privately assumed our next haircut will propel us into a radical new way of being? Like Schrödinger’s cat, poised on the precipice between banal, unfulfilled existence and nonstop awesome, we sit in the salon chair and take a deep breath. In sanctimonious recognition of her power, the stylist checks in with us one more time before that delicate yet Earth-shattering snip. Our tresses fall to the floor, to be deleted and tossed in the garbage along with that text essay drafted to the ex. Hello, world!

If you treat haircuts like a casual chore, and not like your blooming sense of inner conviction made manifest, consider why nobody is making a movie about your life. Watch and learn as these characters realize they were one haircut away from their true selves all along.

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20 Characters Who Changed Their Lives With a Haircut