Now Azealia Banks Has Apologized to Elon Musk

Azealia Banks. Photo: Julien Hekimian/Getty Images

Aaaaand we’re back with a new development in the Instagram Story–based drama between Azealia Banks, Elon Musk, and Grimes.

Ever since she went to Musk’s home for a recording session with Grimes, which Grimes supposedly bailed on, Banks has been airing the Tesla CEO’s dirty laundry in lengthy Instagram Stories — claiming that he had been tripping on acid when he tweeted that he was considering taking his company private for $420, and by sharing screenshots of texts she allegedly exchanged with his girlfriend Grimes, in which the musician says Musk’s accent is fake, his D is big, and Russians are trying to kill him. But now, the rapper has apologized, Billboard reports.

This weekend, Banks shared a screenshot on her Instagram Story of a letter she claims to have sent Musk, dated August 19.

“I feel terrible about everything,” it begins. “This is a strange situation to be in, and I’m not sure how exactly to begin this letter. I guess I can start apologizing for all of the painful events you’ve endured over the past week, as I feel as though my actions have largely exacerbated them.” (These events, as Billboard points out, include being subpoenaed by the SEC in connection with his $420 stock tweet, and maybe breaking up with Grimes.)

She goes on to say that, during the time she spent in his home she “was welcomed to a lot of information” about Musk that made her “feel awkward and uncomfortable” but that she “never had any intentions of using the information” against him. She adds that she’s heard he’s a fan of hers, and that she would like to meet him in person.

So, maybe that’s the end of this saga. But then again, shortly before she posted the screenshot of her apology letter, she posted a screenshot of a Washington Post story about Musk deciding to keep Tesla public, writing “EVERYONE CONGRATULATE ELON MUSK FOR COMING TO HIS SENSES!!!!!” and “This is literally the best thing. If it ain’t broke … don’t let your druggie art school girlfriend convince you to break it!”

In subsequent Instagram Story, she wrote, “Congratu-fucking-lations” and “I literally saved you from being eaten alive by weird cannibalistic feminist pagan lesbian electronic music cult.” It is unclear how precisely her actions saved him.

So while Musk and Banks may be cool (I guess?) it seems she and his “druggie art school girlfriend” are not. Surely we will hear more about it in her Instagram Story.

Now Azealia Banks Has Apologized to Elon Musk