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A Guide to Summer 2018’s Very New and Very Innovative Hair Trends

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The sultry summer air is ripe breeding ground for hot new hair trends. Every year between June and August, innovative and definitely never-before-seen hairstyles, hair colors, and haircuts come out of the woodwork to replace the no longer relevant ones, just in time for fall. This summer has been no exception.

Take Glass Hair, which has managed to hypnotize no less than 3/5 of the Kardashians and one entire Pretty Little Liar. Glass Hair is achieved by cutting your hair into a bob haircut. Think: A very short haircut, like above your shoulders, jaw-level short, that is cut in a blunt, sharp manner. Next, through the innovative use of heat tools called a hair dryer and a flat iron, and application of a product known as shine serum, that bob is styled very straight and made very shiny to achieve a glassy look. (A wig also works.)

Another trailblazer taking the hair color world by storm: Cold Brew Hair. To get Cold Brew Hair, your hair basically needs to be dark brown (like the refreshing caffeinated beverage) before undergoing a hair-coloring process that lightens some sections of the hair to slightly lighter shades of brown. This novel lightening technique is known as highlights or balayage. For those who prefer milk in their cold brew, never fear: warmer and blonder versions of this look can still be considered “Cold Brew” too if you just say they are.

Thanks to these recent reports of such innovation, trend-watching has been top of mind. Here, a few more burgeoning hair trends that may just be the next big thing by Fashion Week:

Bottleneck Hair: A hot new style where you tie your hair with a hair-tie.

Wool Hair: A hot new trend where you wear a hat made of wool.

Naked Hair: A hot new trend where you just wear your hair down, no hat.

Shih Tzu Hair: A variation of Bottleneck Hair where just the upper half of your hair is tied very tightly at the very top of your head.

Triscuit Hair: Hair that’s just blonde, but also kinda dry.

Oat Milk Hair: Hair that matches the shades seen on Oatly packaging, the one true oat milk.

Penny Hair: A hot new trend where you dye your hair blonde but fail to make follow-up appointments with your colorist in a timely manner so you really just dyed your hair a brassy copper in the end.

Track Pant Hair: A hot new trend where you notice a few stray grays but just leave them be. Helps if your hair is a dark shade.

Visor Hair: Just bangs; any type.

Keep an eye out!

A Guide to This Summer’s Very New and Innovative Hair Trends