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A T-Shirt You and Your Ex Can Both Wear

Photo: The Cut

As promised, new and timely slogans that we’re thinking about a lot will be added to the Cut Shop each week. Here’s our latest addition.

In addition to “Sex Diaries,” one of the Cut’s most popular dating columns is “Both Sides of a Breakup,” where we talk to exes about how they got together and why they split up.

Maybe he fell for the wedding planner. Maybe she was caught making out with another guy at Trader Joe’s. Hearing both sides of a breakup can be taxing for those stuck in the middle, but for the objective reader, it’s endlessly fun — and perhaps a cathartic exercise.

This week, to add to our collection of column-inspired T-shirts, we’ve got a slogan both you and your ex can wear. Perhaps it can even serve as a peace-offering. We just hope your story doesn’t end with police and ruined Prada shoes.

Both Sides of a Breakup Tee

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A T-Shirt You and Your Ex Can Both Wear