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30 More Things Chris Pine Looks Like in This Photo

Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis.
Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis. Photo: XPOS/BACKGRID

The last time we saw Chris Pine, he was wearing a truly memorable all-peach outfit paired with white leather espadrilles and a pinky ring at Comic Con. He’s since reemerged on a yacht in the Mediterranean, dressed in a caftan, straw hat, and what appears to be those same espadrilles.

“I feel a great disturbance in the Chris rankings,” writer Joanna Robinson tweeted, upon seeing this potent image. “Pine ascendent [sic].”

In light of this, we once again offer our services in determining 30 things Chris Pine looks like in this photo:

• The sound of someone earnestly using the word “yoni.”
• The essence of both Mamma Mia movies.
• Your father’s fourth wife.
• A guest star on Grace and Frankie with a two-episode arc as Frankie’s nemesis.
• A living room where the only furniture available is various imported beanbags.
• A retired art teacher from Santa Fe.
• The newest member of your poly pod.
• What it feels like to listen to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours over and over during a manic episode.
• “I really just need to sage my apartment right now.”
• Someone who just “crushed” an acai bowl.
• Someone who just corrected your pronunciation of the word “acai.”
• A weed-lube enthusiast.
• Moon Juice’s most loyal customer.
• A fresh caprese salad, enjoyed al fresco under some string lights.
• A Taurus, Aquarius rising.
• A Pier 1 vision board.
• An offshore bank account.
• Aunt Susan who is “loving life” after her divorce from Craig.
• The smell of incense, body oil, and Icy Hot.
• Adrian, your plastic surgeon, when your run into him unexpectedly on Capri.
• A man fresh out of his Cialis tub.
• The song “Africa” by Toto.
•The Grand Master of the Orgy Dome.
• A guy who can put his foot behind his head.
• The phrase, “I love your energy.”
• A Beni ourain rug in a crisp, mid-century Scandinavian apartment.
• An extra in The Birdcage.
• Someone who finds underwear “constricting.”
• The person constantly interrupting the dinner party to yell cin cin!
• 76-year-old Chris Pine.

30 More Things Chris Pine Looks Like in This Photo