Does Scott Eastwood Have Sex? I Can’t Tell.

Scott Eastwood. Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images

Scott Eastwood is an actor, model, Taylor Swift music video star, and the son of Clint “Watch Me Talk to an Empty Chair” Eastwood. He also has a podcast called Live Life Better With Scott Eastwood. A modern Renaissance man.

In a recent episode of LLB that is an hour and 25 minutes long, and that’s fine, Scott talks with sex and relationship expert Emily Morse about, predictably, sex and relationships and … I don’t know. Do you think he’s ever done “It” (sex)? Let’s take a closer look at what he said.

• In the intro to his podcast, Scott says “I want YOU to live the best version of your life,” and “We’re all human beings, we’re all just trying to figure it out,” and also “Find something you love and CHASE IT.” Those things aren’t sex-related, I just thought they were nice.

• At one point he says, “I am having sex … lots of it.”

• Also: “Everyone should be having sex, with themselves or with someone else,” as it’s “the most natural thing we as humans do.”

• “I remember in early on relationships, when I was in my early, early 20s, I felt more sexually advanced than the people I was with,” he said, adding, “Trying to reverse-engineer, to grow with them, it can be tough.”

• “I’ve used them,” he said of SKYN condoms. “You’re still wearing a condom … I think the evolution of condoms has sort of reached it’s thing and, how have we not gotten better?”

• “I have a lot of good-looking guy friends. We bring up squirters … Now, I have had a squirter before, I’ve had several. I think they’re great. I think it’s awesome. I totally embrace the whole thing. But other friends of mine are totally freaked out about it and I’m like, ‘What?!’”

Hmm. What do you think? Personally, I think he’s probably gotten to at least second base (hand stuff), maybe further. Watch the episode below and decide for yourself.

Does Scott Eastwood Have Sex? I Can’t Tell.