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Why This New Concealer Is Special

Photo: Courtesy of Flesh Beauty

Concealer needs to do a lot of different things. We might love how one can expertly cover up redness around our chin, but it won’t do much in the way of minimizing dark under-eye circles. The idea of buying a different concealer for every single blemish and shady area seems excessive — and expensive. Enter the new Hide the Evidence Double Concealer from Flesh Beauty.

Flesh Beauty is the brainchild of Linda Wells, former beauty editor-at-large for the Cut and founder of beauty magazine, Allure. While Goldilocks was busy searching for the right temperature of porridge, Wells was busy at Flesh, searching for the right consistency of concealer.

Hide the Evidence is pretty impressive: It’s the rare product to offer two concealers in one package. The double-ended brush-tipped pen not only offers two different shades of concealer, but two different textures as well. The “Conceal” side holds a creamy, lightweight formula, which is ideal for swiping over any inconsistencies in skin tone. The other side, “Correct”, is a bit lighter and is formulated to reflect light away from redness and dark spots (it acts more as a corrector). Having both on hand is a more effective way to conceal. Like, say you have a stubborn outbreak of chin acne that you want to minimize. If you swipe on the corrector, you can diminish any redness or inflammation while applying the concealer can help blend it into the rest of your skin tone. Throw one in your purse and you’re (literally) covered if any skin issues come your way.

Why This New Concealer Is Special