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Frozen Cocktail Meal Prep (for Summer)

Photo: anniepaddington/Getty Images

I happened on something amazing recently, and I would like to share it with you. As we know, August is hot and humid. While we are trying to remain present and store up heat memories for when we are cold, it is also nice to indulge in some refreshing relief. A cool towel on your neck, for example, or sticking your head in a bucket of ice water. A frozen cocktail is an amazing heat-busting treat when you’re out with your friends, but did you know you could also have a single-serving frozen cocktail right after work, alone?

It’s true!

Recently, a friend was coming over to hang out and I wanted a Sidecar cocktail (lemon juice, brandy, Cointreau). I suspected this friend would not want a Sidecar cocktail but I thought I would make them one anyway, so I could have one without feeling guilty (this is a good-trick idea secondary to the main good-trick idea of this post). Of course, they did not want the Sidecar because they do not like Sidecars, which is wrong; Sidecars are very good. Instead, I believe this friend had a wine. (Also good.)

The Sidecar was already made — sugar on the rim, liquid in the martini glass — so I said, “I’ll just put it in the freezer in case you want it later,” knowing they would not, but having to do something with the already-made trick cocktail. Of course, I forgot about it until the next day when I looked into my freezer. And do you know what I found in there?

An incredible gift. In my freezer, like I’d received a visit from a treat ghost, was a perfect, single-serving, frozen slushie version of a Sidecar cocktail, complete with sugar on the rim. I enjoyed it alone, using a spoon, after work, watching The Bold Type.

Why not, perhaps next Wednesday night, make a cocktail (whichever cocktail you prefer, though I don’t imagine a frozen martini would be particularly good; I guess you have to go with your gut) and put it in the freezer before going to bed? Then, you can enjoy it on Thursday, a.k.a. “thirsty Thursday,” after returning home, sweaty and disgusting, from work.

It will offer a bit of solitary relief from the elements, and a little bit of a buzz. Plus, you will feel good for having participated in “meal prep.” Amazing.

Frozen Cocktail Meal Prep (for Summer)