Finally, Fashion Has Showcased My Love of Beans

A woman mashing beans into her face.
Photo: Instagram/thelovemagazine

I love beans: the humble chickpea, the reliable black bean, the comforting cannellini, the … kidney bean, which is just okay. I frequently find myself in a reverie, just thinking, Beans are my favorite food. But too long have these honorable legumes been maligned. Too long have they been considered a frumpy culinary staple, just a dependable vegetarian protein source with unfortunate gastric side effects.

Finally, though, fashion has seen the light.

Behold, this video from Love magazine, the British style outlet best known for their annual “Advent Calendar” featuring models in minimal clothing doing various activities — for instance, Emily Ratajkowski slathering her body in what many believe is spaghetti but appears to actually be bucatini. In this clip, Korean model HoYeon Jung rubs baked beans all over her face and slurps them up, while wishing Love a happy tenth birthday. This is possibly a sex thing, somehow, but I’m ignoring that to focus on the beans. (There’s also another birthday video featuring model Julia Banas sloppily eating a pie, but pie is no beans, in my humble and expert opinion.)

Anyway, please enjoy this beautiful outward expression of bean love.

Finally, Fashion Has Showcased My Love of Beans