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Marcia Gay Harden’s Teen Son Did Her Makeup in a Very Cute YouTube Tutorial

Marcia Gay Harden and son Hudson Scheel. Photo: Hudson Scheel/YouTube

Marcia Gay Harden has three children. One of them is Hudson Scheel, a 14-year-old aspiring makeup artist who just released a YouTube tutorial worth watching. In it, he creates a glam look on his famous mom, getting her red-carpet ready just moments after she spent some quality time with a weed whacker.

Throughout the ten minutes and 46 seconds, Scheel demonstrates some impressive feats, including lining someone else’s waterline, bronzing a foundation that was a little too light (MGH got a tan this summer), and successfully baking a face.

In addition to playing model, MGH asks some astute questions (“Why don’t you do the foundation first?”), makes even more astute observations (“This is such a good way to get me to buy you more makeup…”), and demonstrates that she is freakishly good at the end-of-tutorial-posing vloggers are wont to do. In addition to a stealth Cher burn, some Drag Race references, and the heart-warming reminder that Harden’s Instagram handle is @mgh_8, what makes this tutorial the best is the very cute repartee between the two.


Marcia Gay Harden’s Son Does Her Makeup on YouTube