biking to birth

New Zealand’s Minister for Women Biked Herself to the Hospital to Give Birth

Julie Anne Genter. Photo: Shane Wenzlick/Getty Images

New Zealand’s minister for women, Julie Anne Genter, was scheduled to have labor induced at the Auckland City Hospital — an appointment she decided to bicycle to. According to the New York Times, Genter and her partner Peter Nunns, biked from their home down to the hospital on Sunday morning.

Genter is 42 weeks pregnant, and when she delivers the baby, she’ll follow behind Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who gave birth while in office last year. Ardern was only the second elected official ever to deliver a baby in office. Genter is from Minnesota, and is a part of New Zealand’s Green Party.

“Beautiful Sunday morning for a bike ride, to the hospital, for an induction to finally have this baby,” Genter wrote on Instagram. “This is it, wish us luck!”

The official Twitter account for the Green Party of New Zealand tweeted the photo along with the caption “The most #onbrand thing ever.”

New Zealand Minister Biked Herself to Hospital to Give Birth