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Meet the Women in Olay’s New Campaign

Photo: Olay

Women: We can be anything, as long as we’re not too much of something, right? Encapsulating the exhausting expectations around women’s behavior, Olay has launched a new “campaign for confidence,” accompanied by the hashtag #FaceAnything. The campaign has enlisted the ranks of a diverse group of women, including Lilly Singh, Aly Raisman, and Denise Bidot, to fight the fact that women are often labeled “too” something, such as “Too Emotional,” “Too Outspoken,” “TOO FLAWLESS. C’MON, BEYONCÉ, YOU’RE A HUMAN BEING” (just kidding on the last one, Bey; never change.)

Even amid the trendy push for body positivity/#nofilter/makeup-free campaigns, the women are notable. Elyse Fox, whose #FaceAnything qualifier is TOO DIFFERENT, is a filmmaker and director who created Sad Girls Club, a website for women of all ages to share stories of mental illness in a judgment-free space. Jillian Mercado, TOO DEFIANT, was given a rule book of dos and don’ts alongside her spastic muscular dystrophy diagnosis, which she quickly threw out (she’s now a signed IMG model).

According to Olay, the print campaign will launch in the September issue of Vogue, there will be a Times Square takeover, a Grand Central takeover, and a makeup-free Olay runway show at New York Fashion Week. Is it too much? Not at all. Check out some images of the campaign below:

Elyse Fox.
Jillian Mercado.
Meet the Women in Olay’s New Campaign