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Stormy Daniels Says She’s Been Chased Down by Cars and Stalked in Hotels at Night

Stormy Daniels. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Ever since suing Trump and his lawyer, Michael Cohen, for pressuring her to stay quiet about her brief affair with the president, Stormy Daniels has become a figure of relentless public attention — a focal point for MAGA vitriol.

In an interview with Vogue, she disclosed the many ways in which she and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, have been threatened by pro-Trumpers, calling herself a “fugitive.”

“We’ve been in a couple car chases. We’ve had people put notes under the door, which means they know what hotel I’m in, which means we’ve had to change hotels in the middle of the night.”

The profile also describes death threats mailed to nightclubs before Daniels has arrived to perform there, as well as “suspicious substances” hidden inside gifts and placed in her dressing room. The threats have prompted her to hire three full-time bodyguards, who she calls her “dragons.” (She pays them with tips.)

Daniels said she hasn’t been able to enjoy a meal since going public with her story. “We’ve been at restaurants when we order food and it’s taken too long or somebody was watching and we’ve had to leave — like that.” With her signature brand of incisive humor, Stormy then added, “That’s why I’m so skinny!”

Stormy Daniels Has Been Chased by Cars, Stalked in Hotels