Stranded Parrot Tells Rescuer to ‘F*ck Off,’ Is Cool As Hell

Jessie the parrot and her rescuer.
Jessie the parrot and her rescuer. Photo: REX/Shutterstock

Non-human animals, the science has shown, have complex interior lives. Dolphins can recognize themselves in the mirror and love to gossip, orcas mourn their dead children, elephants comfort each other in times of distress … and this extremely cool stranded parrot unleashed a tirade of swear words at her rescuer when he finally arrived.

Per the Telegraph, a macaw parrot named Jessie escaped from her home in North London and ended up settling down on a nearby rooftop. After she spent three days stranded there, the London Fire Brigade was dispatched to retrieve her. They also were instructed to follow strict protocol:

The fire crew quickly sent a volunteer up a ladder with a bowl of food and a fluffy white towel to rescue the bird, complete with instructions from the bird’s owners to tell Jess “I love you” to encourage her to come down.

Jessie responded in kind at first, before turning on her rescuers. “We then discovered that she had a bit of a foul mouth and kept swearing, much to our amusement,” said one of the firefighters on the scene. Specifically, she told them to all “fuck off.” (Jessie, it should be noted, also speaks German and Turkish.) She then took off, flying to another rooftop, then a tree, then back to her owner.

Solidarity with Jessie, the extremely rude parrot.

Stranded Parrot Tells Rescuer to ‘F*ck Off’, Is Cool as Hell