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Tough But Fair: Trump Says He Would Not Recommend Michael Cohen As a Lawyer

Michael Cohen and Donald Trump. Photo: Getty Images

It’s Wednesday morning, and you sit down at your computer. You’ve recently run into some legal trouble, and you need help. Good help. But who to call? You Google “good lawyer” for some leads, and immediately see who NOT to hire, because President Trump anticipated this very query, and in a tweet Wednesday morning, offered up this piece of advice:

“If anyone is looking for a good lawyer, I would strongly suggest that you not retain the services of Michael Cohen!” tweeted the president.

There you go.

The tweet — which reads like the Yelp review of a contractor who took too long on a bathroom remodel and came in $5,000 over-budget — is a remarkably mild evaluation of an attorney who just pleaded guilty to eight criminal charges. The charges included fraud and campaign-finance violations implicating (his main client) the president of the United States, in a scheme to pay two women hush money ahead of the 2016 presidential election so they would keep quiet about their alleged affairs with him.

Indeed, most experts would probably “strongly suggest” you choose someone else.

So, what should you do now that you have been urged against retaining the services of your first-choice attorney — the president’s former lawyer/punching bag?

Well, you could always get in touch with spokesperson Lindsay Lohan, who once offered to help Donald Trump find a lawyer. While it doesn’t seem like he took her up on it, maybe LL could be helpful to you.

Trump Says He Would Not Recommend Michael Cohen As a Lawyer