A Moment at Fashion Week in Watercolor

Photo: Samantha Hahn

For the woman, man, or gender non-conformist who likely prefers glamping to actual camping, the Collina Strada spring 2019 show had everything a fashionista might wear one weekend at a cult campsite: socks with sandals, white tees, silky dresses, and hoodies. I loved the mix of white fabrics highlighted by the occasional touch of tie-dye, neon, or monochrome plaid. Plus, as a curly-haired girl, I’m in favor of bringing back the brushed-out crimp.

The collection was a culty, fun, avant-garde spin on styles ranging from the late ’70s all the way to the mid ’90s. Silhouettes and the overall mood shrugged off the mainstream without completely renouncing it.

Photo: Samantha Hahn
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