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Dandruff-Scraping Videos Are the New Pimple-Popping Videos

Photo: B. BOISSONNET / BSIP/Getty Images

If you like watching pimple-popping videos, you’re going to love the latest skin-related nuisance x YouTube ASMR collaboration: Dandruff scraping. Similar to pimple-popping, the practice is self-explanatory and graphic. Millions of viewers are tuning in to watch irritated scalps be scraped with combs, picks, and fingernails, and describing the experience as “satisfying.” If your definition of “satisfaction” involves lightheadedness, nausea, and subsequent chills, then yes, it’s extremely satisfying!

Seborrheic dermatitis, known as dandruff, has historically been villainized, but as we saw with the pimple, that won’t stop it from making great video content. There are entire YouTube accounts solely dedicated to scraping dandruff for the public’s viewing pleasure, like “Scratching My Scalp Off,” which has a cool 2.6 million views on a video titled “BIG DANDRUFF FLAKES ASMR.” Other similarly publicize their intimate scratching by flake size (“BIG FLAKES,” “HUGE FLAKES,” and even “EXTREME FLAKES”) and by the accompanying sounds (minimal talking, no talking, lots of scratching) so viewers can more easily find their bliss.

Not to squash any budding dandruff-scraper star dreams, but while anyone with dandruff technically can do this, you definitely shouldn’t. Experts say you absolutely should not scratch a flaky scalp … but they never said there’s any harm in watching other people aggravate theirs! Here, a starter pack of four popular dandruff scraping videos.

If You’re Paranoid You Have Dandruff Now

The user who uploaded this “dandruff removal” actually hates excessive dandruff removing videos: “… I find them horrifying to watch lol,” the description reads. Instead, she presents this “aesthetically pleasing” scalp check that unearths very little dandruff, so you can rest easy to the sound of soothing scratching.

If You’re Into True Crime

YouTuber Dancing Grandma is constantly on the hunt for drandruff flakes in her son’s hair. Will she find them? Where are they hiding? What are they hiding? Tune in to find out.

If You Really Want to Get All Up in There

If you came to see big flakes, here are your big flakes, super close up and in high-definition. Enjoy.

If Labels Mean a Lot to You

If the whole “dandruff” label is what’s really turning you off, take this husband-wife scratching for a whirl. What’s piling up in the comb is excess hair-styling product, not dandruff or scalp flakes, which apparently makes this video a lot more palatable for the 14,535,839 people who’ve viewed it.

Dandruff-Scraping Videos Are the New Pimple-Popping Videos