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An Eye Cream for People Who Look at Screens All Day

Photo: Courtesy of Estée Lauder.

How do you keep up with the onslaught of breaking news stories and also look like you have managed to get some sleep since November 8, 2016? Besides ample amounts of caffeine and alcohol, a good eye cream might help. If your eyes have literally seen better days, and want to see them once more, there’s this new Estée Lauder gel eye cream.

The Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized Recovery GelCreme (yes, full name) is the latest thing on the market that is supposed to minimize damage caused by looking at screens all day. Phone, TV, and computer screens all radiate blue light, which humans are really not supposed to be absorbing at the level we are on a daily basis. Blue light throws off your internal clock, which affects your sleep schedule, and messes with your body’s ability to relax and repair itself. It’s not just the news that’s keeping us up at night, but it’s also the way we’re reading the news.

This eye cream was allegedly developed based on research that showed blue light negatively affects your skin too — especially the thin skin around your eyes. It purportedly functions in three key ways: by repairing the damage that has occurred, by brightening the skin, and protecting it from future damage. There’s all the hydrating eye cream usual suspect ingredients present, like Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, but brightening yeast extract and algae also make an appearance. In any case, taking a break from your phone screen (even if it’s to apply eye cream) will be better for your brain and most likely, your pores.

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An Eye Cream for People Who Look at Screens All Day