This Luxury Brand Will Now Offer Genderless Heels

Oslo Grace. Photo: Johan Sandberg

Looking for a pair of stilettos in a men’s size 12? French shoe designer Francesco Russo has got you covered. The Italian shoe designer has launched a capsule collection called ‘A-Gender’ which, as the name suggests, offers genderless heels, loafers, and boots that go from a women’s size 5 to a men’s size 12, or an IT35–IT45. Aside from being inclusive, the shoes are beautiful — especially the heels with a d’Orsay opening.

A release for the collection made the case that this is not a mere publicity stunt. It read, “Provocation is not even an option. The project stems from the awareness of the world we live in as humans.” The designer elaborated for Vogue, “It’s not a polemic, it’s not political. It’s simply how society is moving forward. I think it’s in our duty as people who produce product to respond to the world.”

For the campaign, Russo cast transgender, non-binary model Oslo Grace. The collection is now available in stores for a limited run, but hopefully there will be more extended shoe-sizes to come from the label.

This Luxury Brand Will Now Offer Genderless Heels