Giuliani: Trump Never Said I’m a ‘Baby Who Needed to Be Changed’

Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani.
Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani. Photo: Getty Images

Former New York City mayor and current Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani continued his esteemed political career by appearing on TV to tell the public that the president never once told him he’s a little baby who needs his diaper changed.

The diaper baby claim in question was published in reporter Bob Woodward’s new book, Fear: Trump in the White House. Please enjoy:

“Rudy, you’re a baby. I’ve never seen a worse defense of me in my life. They took your diaper off right there. You’re like a little baby that needed to be changed. When are you going to be a man?”

Here is Giuliani’s version of events, which he relayed to Chris Cuomo during a CNN interview:

“The president stood up, said, ‘Mayor, you weren’t tough enough.’ And then he laughed and he said, ‘You did a great job. Thank you. Nobody could have done what you did.’ He called me over. He put his arm around me. He put me close and he whispered in my ear about how much courage I have. I won’t tell you exactly what he said. That’s exactly what happened, 100 percent.

To think the world will never know what Trump whispered in his ear.

Giuliani: Trump Didn’t Call Me a ‘Baby’ Who Needed Changing