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Jo Malone London Has a Sunny New Scent

Photo: Courtesy of Jo Malone London

“Honeysuckle and Davana, together at last!” Okay, maybe that’s not exactly what went down over at the Jo Malone London perfume brainstorming session, but it’s probably close. However, both this Honeysuckle & Davana creation and you (after a few glasses of wine), can be described the same way: “Warm, sunny, and happy.”

The fragrance focuses on capturing the essence of honeysuckle, and layers it with fresh rose, and a bit of moss and patchouli. The top note here is davana, an aromatic herb that is said to smell slightly differently on everyone (most people describe it as having a woody and herby smell you might recognize from fancy salads). Any fragrance that features davana is going to be a little bit more personalized to the wearer, which is cool.

You could wear this scent alone, or try it on top another one of their scented products, like the Grapefruit Body and Hand Wash or Oud and Bergamot Body Crème, to become the nicely scented goddess you’ve always wanted to be. Or, surround yourself with these warm, sunny, happy candles and sink into a bath.

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Jo Malone London Has a Sunny New Scent