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How to Make Your Smartwatch Look Like Jewelry

Photo: Courtesy of Lagos

When it comes to dressing for big career moments, you have it down to a science. You know how to pick the right shoes, a stylish (but still appropriate!) outfit, and a power bag. In our tech-dependent world, it doesn’t hurt to add a smartwatch to the list too. Clasped on the wrist, it signifies that you’re dependable, ready to reply at a moments notice — the epitome of a model employee or client.

Of course, not all straps for your watch are equal. That sporty black rubber one? Too pedestrian for an important meeting. Classic leather? Safe, predictable, perhaps a tad boring. Why not treat your smartwatch like a piece of jewelry, with the appropriate strap to match? Lagos, a jewelry brand best known for caviar beaded creations, just came out with its own version of the bejeweled band. Trimmed in the brand’s signature teensy balls, the bracelet-style Apple Watch straps have exactly the right amount of flash. They come in gold and sterling silver, but if you’re feeling extra fancy, there’s one encrusted with diamonds.

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How to Make Your Smartwatch Look Like Jewelry