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How to Get Mandy Moore’s Surfer-Inspired Smooth Emmys Hair

Mandy Moore. Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Mandy Moore attended the Emmys on Monday night in a custom Rodarte dress, complemented by a perfectly tousled head of hair. She got ready at her house, with lots of snacks, hairstylist Ashley Streicher, makeup artist Jenn Streicher (her sister), and Rodarte co-founder, Laura Mulleavy (and her two dogs, Joni and Jackson). Her hair was arguably “Moore” exciting than the actual Emmys.

According to hairstylist Streicher, the inspiration behind Moore’s hair was to be “a little more relaxed and a little less red carpet.” She elaborates: “The ‘story’ we created for this look with [stylist] Cristina Ehrlich, was that Mandy was out surfing in the morning and completely forgot that it was the Emmys (because it’s on a Monday) and so she had to rush home and throw this look together, like ‘Oops, I forgot!’”

Behind the scenes of making some “Oops, I forgot” waves. Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Streicher

If you want to get Moore’s “Oops, I Forgot!” waves, you will need a couple products and tools to make it not look forgotten. She used Garnier’s Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk and let her hair air dry. Then, Streicher sprayed Garnier’s Beach Chic Texture Spray all over her hair to dampen it [Editor’s Note: Moore is a face of Garnier]. She used a small round brush and the T3 Cura LUXE blow-dryer to give her a wavy blowout. Next, she approached each two-inch section of hair with slightly different techniques and one curling iron (the T3 Twirl Trio) which comes in two sizes.

She used the 1.5” barrel iron to crimp one section for more of a beachy wave, then switched to a 1” barrel iron to wrap the next section of hair around for more of a classic wave. After everything was done, Streicher went back through Moore’s hair with a dry texture spray and combed back some pieces at the crown for a messier, more undone look.

Overall, the final Emmys look was pretty great, with Moore describing it using four “dreams”:

Photo: Luke Pidgeon Photographic/Luke Pidgeon 20017
T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer
Photo: Luke Pidgeon Photographic/Luke Pidgeon 20017
T3 Twirl Trio Convertible Curling Iron (3-piece)

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How to Get Mandy Moore’s Surfer-Inspired Smooth Emmys Hair