Watch a Saudi Wedding Through the Eyes of a Young Girl

Miu Miu’s latest Women’s Tales installment takes a look at taboos in Saudi Arabian society. Oscar-nominated director Haifaa al-Mansour’s short film The Wedding Singer, made in collaboration with the Italian fashion house, takes the viewer inside of the world of a young girl whose mother works as a wedding singer. The child hears other girls her age mocking her mother while she is assisting with the performance.

“The wedding singer is someone whom Saudi society has always looked down on,” al-Mansour told the Cut. “It is sad, because there are so few professional options for women, and it would actually be a great way for women to earn money if it were socially acceptable. I wanted to show a strong woman embracing this role, and the ways her being ostracized would affect her daughter.”

At odds with the societal role of the wedding singer is the celebration itself. For much of the film, the women are dressed in the vibrant, glamorous clothes from Miu Miu’s latest collection. “For Saudi women, weddings are the ultimate place to show off and showcase their fashionable clothes,” al-Mansour said. “Since they are segregated by gender, they can dress however they like. It is a time for them to let loose, to have fun, and just enjoy life.”

Watch the full film above.

Watch a Saudi Wedding Through the Eyes of a Young Girl