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Nashville Novelties, Reasonably Priced Cashmere, and a High-Tech Tribeca Spa

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

First Look

On September 21, ultragirlie Parisian womenswear brand BA&SH will open in Nolita (257 Elizabeth St.).

Illustration: Courtesy of the vendors/Jason Lee

1. Dinners: Monthly private meals hosted by luminaries like “It” girl Babba Canales and cooked by French chefs like Daniel Boulud.

2. Clothes: Womenswear, like a flouncy metallic dress ($715), plus eveningwear that will be loaned out at no cost for events on Fridays.

3. Children’s area: Small chairs and tables loaded with building blocks, puzzles, pencils, and coloring books featuring sketches of BA&SH dresses.

4. Parisian brands: Collaborations with under-the-radar French lines like Atelier Paulin jewelry and Baobab candles.

5. Classes: Weekly French lessons taught by instructors from Little Italy–based language school Coucou, with coffee and croissants.

2x2: Non-Neon Sticky Pads

High-design reminders.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Subdued: Hinoki Memo Cube, $11 at
Bright: Tower Notes Block in Medium, $14 at

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Subdued: Ito Bindery Memo Block, $35 at
Bright: Sushi Sticky Notes, $5 at

Three in One

On September 7, Restoration Hardware opened a six-story flagship (9 Ninth Ave.) with a bar, an atrium dedicated to outdoor gear, and a design atelier.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

1. Eat: A rooftop restaurant led by RH Hospitality’s Brendan Sodikoff, decorated with a Japanese-boxwood hedge and trickling wall fountains; a bar with espresso, pastries, and wines like a Pinot Noir from Anthill Farm.

2. Shop: An atrium with banana palms and ivy, where you can shop outdoor furniture; a 10,000-square-foot modern furnishings, lighting, and décor area with furniture like a bed made of reclaimed Russian oak (from $7,495).

3. Create: An atelier with a glass-enclosed office, a design library, and several presentation rooms (with discreet VIP entrances), where clients, designers, and architects can meet to work on designing a room or an entire home.

Ask a Shop Clerk

London-based facialist Teresa Tarmey has opened a spa in Tribeca (177 Duane St.).

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

What’s your Fashion Week treatment plan?
“We have quite a few girls coming in before walking in shows. I’ll give them radiofrequency, which is great for tightening, and I am excited to use this fabulous new machine called the Ballancer Pro on them. It’s a suit that you slip your body into; it helps with bloating. The salon will also have micro-needling, cryotherapy, and lots and lots of laser treatments ($220). Clients don’t want a shoulder massage anymore. They want results.”


On September 25, Matt Scanlan will bring his affordable cashmere-centric apparel brand, Naadam, to Greenwich Village (392 Bleecker St.).

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“We enlisted help from the guys who did the Allbirds store, Peloton, Bonobos — they’re experts in translating stories into experiences. We wanted to tell the story of where our cashmere is from, the Gobi Desert, so the ceiling will be covered in cashmere clouds and the floors are going to be made of real desert grass. More practically, to keep everything from our super-precious baby-cashmere V-necks (from $75) to our chunky cashmere socks ($65) safe, the shelving is all going to be made of cedar, because cedar keeps moths away and moths eat cashmere — which is, you know, horrifying.”

Top Five

For the month of October, Greetings From Nashville — a collection of wares by Tennessee designers — will pop up in the Wythe Hotel (80 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg). Founder Libby Callaway talks her favorite cotton T-shirts and vintage Americana.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“We made this record player ($120) in collaboration with ­Crosley and Third Man, which is Jack White’s record label. It’s completely portable!”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“Imogene + Willie made this tee ($68) by accident at first: They printed ‘Nashville’ backward. It’s since become a staple of theirs and is just so supersoft.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“New Hat, a local women-owned wallpaper company, just started making terrific tea towels ($35). My favorite is pinkish and printed with hands.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“Nikki Lane, a country singer, has a vintage company, High Class Hillbilly. She buys old stagewear on tour, like this ’50s jacket ($275), and resells it.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“This marshmallow-root-infused jojoba facial oil ($65) was made special for us by Lara Laine, who owns a beauty-and-wellness store in East Nashville.”

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Nashville Novelties, New Cashmere, and a High-Tech Spa