the perfect candle

The Perfect Candle for Those Trying to Coax Autumn Into Existence

Photo: Courtesy of Alessi

Sweaters, knit caps, crisp mornings, the pumpkin cream cheese the bagel place by my old apartment used to offer but now I think either doesn’t or offers it so briefly that I always miss it: There are many reasons that one may want to usher in autumn more quickly. While we languish in the liar days of September, waking up expecting to move about the world without weather-related discomfort and instead sweating in a combination of hot mist and warm rain, one can’t be blamed for wanting a Click remote to fast-forward into fall, perhaps with a candle. Like this one!

Alessi’s “Grr” candle is part of its new “Five Seasons” collection, which includes the candle scents “Brr” (for winter), “Ahh” (for spring), and “Hmm” (for summer). “Grr” is, as you may have guessed, for autumn. Like Cire Trudon’s “SIX” candle, which is named for the sixth sense (a sense that does not exist), the “Five Seasons” series includes a take on a mysterious fifth season; that candle is called “Shh.” It includes notes of “eucalyptus, rose, and patchouli,” but that doesn’t particularly matter to us at the moment, because we are discussing “Grr.” Here is how “Grr” is described:

A mix of incense, cedar wood and moss for a sensual, unique fragrance. The Grrr scented candle whisks you off to a world of complex, smoky notes.

Of course, I’d love to enter a world of complex, smoky notes. But is the candle good? Let’s see.

Is the candle good?

Mhm, it’s enjoyably autumn and it is good. Its distinct notes aren’t particularly recognizable, at least to me — I’m not smelling it and thinking, “Oh yes, there’s the moss.” Or, “Ah, I’m really getting the cedar wood.” It all blends together in a way that reads, all at once, autumn. Or at least, candle autumn, which is a lot more spice and smoke than real autumn, which is primarily chilly dead leaves.

Also, as you can see from the photo, it comes with its own little hat.

How much does it cost, and how long will it last?

A candle is $69. I’m not sure how long it lasts but it’s 8.8 ounces if that helps you. Maybe like 50 hours?

When should you burn this candle?

Oh, gosh. You should burn this candle when you wake up and the air outside feels not quite as warm as you know it will get, and you want to pretend the whole day will be a blissful 68 or 70 degrees. Light the candle while you do some work, or get ready for your day, and remember that soon its chilly, cozy scent will be a reality, very briefly, before the bitter cold of winter descends upon us maybe never to leave again.

Who should buy this candle?

Anyone looking to appreciate autumn for a bit longer than autumn tends to actually exist. Also, I bet your mom would probably like it. She can light it around Thanksgiving!

Coax Autumn Into Existence With This Candle