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Man Sent Email to 246 Women Named Nicole; the Nicoles Organized Meet-Up Without Him

Some of the Nicoles at dinner.
Some of the Nicoles at dinner.

A University of Calgary man named Carlos Zetina chose a dramatic and borderline-creepy route of action in pursuit of a woman he’d only known for a night. After taking a girl named Nicole and her friend home from a bar near the university, Carlos asked Nicole for her number, Buzzfeed reports. The number she gave him turned out not to work, and instead of taking that as a hint that she wasn’t interested, he decided to email all 246 Nicoles with University of Calgary emails.

The email, which has since gone viral, read: “Hi, this is a mass email to all Nicoles,” he wrote. “If you don’t fit this description then ignore and if you are the one and just don’t want to talk to me that’s okay as well.”

He also gave specifics about the Nicole he met before. She is from Holland and thinks “Nietzsche is depressing.” Carlos didn’t learn from men before him who tried to reach out to groups of women while looking for love, and the Nicoles quickly formed a separate email chain and a Facebook page.

The Nicoles, who formed a Facebook page called “Nicole From Last Night,” met up for drinks. The email chain managed to miss the Nicole it was intended for, who was an exchange student and didn’t have a University of Calgary address.

The Nicole who Carlos was searching for eventually found out about the email; it turns out giving Carlos the wrong number was unintentional. The group of Nicoles helped the two connect to each other, after making sure Carlos’s extreme emailing wasn’t malicious and Nicole from Holland really did want to meet him.

As for the Nicoles who were united by Carlos, they have formed a small community, and intend to meet up again in the future.

Man Sent Email to 246 Women Named Nicole Looking for Date